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Quartier sentier

In the street of the Résidence Beauquartier Sentier, astonishing events took place. A sorceress lived at number 23 rue Beauregard, nicknamed “La Voisin” known for her occult ceremonies the mistress of Louis the XIV attended. At number 52, the Baron de Retz planned the (unsuccessful) escape of Louis XVI before his death by guillotine during the French Revolution. Louis Malle shot scenes of his movies in front of the Eglise Bonne Nouvelle and at the end of rue Beauregard and Clery exists the smallest house of Paris where the poet André Chenier lived.

Have a stroll in the neighborhood to feel the pulse of the city. Stop in the independent bookstores and admire the street art on the walls of the ruelles, enter the multiple passages and taste the inventive and modern cuisine of the local restaurants.

The Résidence Beauquartier Sentier’s building dates back to 1640 and gather four apartment completely redone, decorated and fully equipped. Their central location will the ideal place to discover the historical center of Paris, and to stroll in the wonderful Sentier neighborhood.